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Get access to the know-how and network of a successful industry leader.

PalletBiz Franchising

PalletBiz franchising is an invitation to packaging and handling companies, including pallet production companies, depots, and transport businesses, who want to maximize the potential of their business. With economic uncertainty and ever changing market conditions, it is more important now than ever to create strong strategic alliances to maximize profits – all while keeping costs and risks low.

PalletBiz has realized this and created a network of Packaging & Handling companies that either produce pallets and other packaging products or offer logistics services or manage depots. PalletBiz is currently represented in 5 countries – Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates and with our more than 130 employees, PalletBiz has steadily growing annual network sales exceeding €15 million.

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Be part of a good brand, have the advantage of belonging to a structured network, and more importantly, benefit from the Network purchasing power and unparalleled sales and service opportunities.


When becoming a PalletBiz Franchisee you automatically get access to the know-how of a successful industry leader with special knowledge of the Pallet, Packaging & Handling industry. Furthermore to be part of a good brand, and have the advantage of belonging to a structured network is beneficial to any new or well established company.

Once a PalletBiz franchising partner, You will benefit from the purchasing power and unparalleled sales and service opportunities of the whole network. In excess to this, you will also have the access to technical and financial support as well as a team of internal consultants, standing ready to help make your company succeed!
If becoming a part of the PalletBiz network sounds interesting to you, please contact us for a non-binding talk, or have a look at the Franchise presentation and application documents to the right in this page to learn more.

Franchising Strategy

The PalletBiz franchising Strategy includes a strong marketing profile and will to expand the network with the most interesting companies and to the most interesting countries and regions. The result? An increasingly powerful network that provides security and benefits to all members as well as maximizing the quality of our products and services to our valued clients.

In excess to the growth ambitions, it is of course also critical to maintain a strong penetration level on existing markets. This can in part be done by adding more PalletBiz depots to the network and by optimizing the supply chain, also across countries.
Strong focus over the coming years is also within product development and to expand our common product mix and purchasing power.

Not all PalletBiz entities hold all certifications. For an overview of which certification each company holds, please click here
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