Wood logs

We need high volumes of quality logs of the following wood sorts:
1. Spruce
2. Pine
3. Poplar
4. Other soft woods (contact us)

If you are a supplier of wooden logs, please contact us by clicking on below link.

Contact us about wood logs



We buy already sawn timber in long-lenghts as well as cut-to-size pallet elements. The following wood species is some of the main sorts used by PalletBiz:1. Spruce

  1. Spruce
  2. Pine
  3. Poplar
  4. Birch
  5. Alder
  6. Beech
  7. Tropical hardwood

Are you representing a saw-mill and can supply one of the above species, then please contact us about this opportunity of supplying PalletBiz. Please specify where you have your operation and/or depot as well which markets you currently supply to.

Contact us about supplying timber


Transport services

We are looking for transport services to and from many destinations. The main routes we are currently looking for transport solutions is:

  1. Northern Europe to Northern Europe
  2. Central Europe to Northern Europe
  3. South East Europe – primarily transport to/from Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece & Romania
  4. Gulf Region – primarily UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If you are a transport or logistics company and provide services on one of the above routes, then please contact us by following the below link.

Please note, that we are interested in both smaller truck solutions (3.5t, 5.0t, 7.5), larger trucks (Std. and MEGA trucks) as well as rail and sea solutions.

Contact us about transport services



With pallet production comes a need for high quality pallet certified nails. We need:

1. Collated nails
2. Loose nails
3. Certified EPAL nails

Are you a manafacturer of nails, then please contact us by following the below link.

Contact us about supplying nails


Pallet & Packaging accessories

For our increasing production of Pallets and packaging we need supply of many accessories such as:

  1. Steel hinges for pallet collars
  2. Rivets for collars
  3. Wooden boards for packaging – primarily Plywood, MDF & OSB
  4. Various galvanized steel or iron elements to feature in our packaging

Are you a manufacturer of any of the above mentioened items or similar type products, kindly send us a presentation and an offer.

Contact us about supplying Pallet & Packaging accessories


Machinery and Equipment

From time to time we need new machinery and equipment for our pallet, packaging and  pallet collar production. In other words, we are interested in:

  1. Full (or parts of) pallet production lines and spare parts – both manual, semi-automatic, and full automatic.
  2. Sawmill equipment and spare parts.
  3. Heat treatment equipment, kilns, boilers etc.
  4. Industry construction equipment for renewing factory buildings
  5. Handling machines such as forklifts, pallet jacks etc.

Does your company supply any of the above, then please send us your offer along with a presentation of your company and products by following below link.

Contact us about supplying machinery


Not all PalletBiz entities hold all certifications. For an overview of which certification each company holds, please click here
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