The Standard Euro pallet

Licensed Euro pallets is available at all PalletBiz locations

Euro pallets - Premium Quality

Euro pallets from PalletBiz is produced to the highest standard. That goes for all of them!

Euro pallets

PalletBiz has invested in both EPAL & UIC license and can offer Euro pallets from both of these leading standards available in the market. Both EPAL & UIC Euro pallets are heat treated in accordance with the IPPC ISPM-15 Standard. This is why handling Your products with PalletBiz Euro pallets is not only an investment in high quality packaging materials; but an investment in the safety of Your products and goods.

In addition to the  above the following services is available:

  • Official EPAL Euro pallet repair license
  • Buying and Selling of used Euro pallets
  • Life-cycling of Euro pallets to reduce TCO
  • Licensed repair of Euro pallets
    • Beware; that repairing your Euro pallets with an un-licensed repairer is illegal and violating interllectual property rights.
    • Therefore, always ask for a copy of the repair license from the company you are buying from or selling to – to avoid legal infringements.


1200 x 800 x 144 mm
UIC, EPAL, IPPC ISPM-15, Kiln dried
Soft and hard woods (e.g. pine, spruce, poplar)
PalletBiz has more than 15 years of licensed Euro pallet repair and life-cycle service experience.

Not all PalletBiz entities hold all certifications. For an overview of which certification each company holds, please click here
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