PalletBiz Pallet

A great cost alternative to EUR-pallets, in great strength and without compromizing on quality

PalletBiz pallets

The PalletBiz Pallet is our own pallet product, designed to be an alternative to EUR-pallets. The pallet is easily identied by “PalletBiz” and the “star” symbols as shown on the picture.

PalletBiz pallets are constructed with just the right combination of elements to achieve a lower cost than EUR-pallets, without compromising on quality or strength. The same manufacturing technology as with EUR-pallets is applied, and the pallets are Heat treated to IPPC IPSM-15 standards, making it ideal for cross-border and export usage.

PalletBiz Pallets are fully recycable and designed to last for 5-6 cycles, with a slightly lighter weight of the pallet leading to reduced transport and handling costs.

1200 x 800 x 140 mm
Soft and hard woods (e.g. pine, spruce, poplar)
Same outside dimensions as EUR pallets (1200 x 800 mm), but optimized on inside dimentions. EPAL certied nails is used for PalletBiz Pallets.
Unique in design and easily identied. A great cost-alternative to EUR-pallets. Fully re-cycable.

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