PalletBiz KSA is located in the Eastern Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Eastern Region is characterized by the petrochemical materials extracted from it, and the many petrochemical companies working on Import and Export of products to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Getting the right specification for every pallet is always a priority for us, but it is especially important when that pallet needs to ensure safe transport of chemical components. The trading of such goods requires the use of high quality, licensed, heat-treated wooden pallets.

In PalletBiz, we pay special attention to the quality of our pallets with all our local pallets being Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture licensed and heat treated in accordance with the IPPC ISPM-15 Standard, under Number SA-20 HT. Furthermore, we are putting extra focus on designing and offering the most suitable pallet for each purpose. This is why, when choosing PalletBiz, you are choosing to invest not only in high quality wooden handling material, but also an in the safety of your goods.

Based on our experience within the chemical industry and the trading of such petrochemical products in particular, we are ready to serve the specific packaging & handling needs, resulting from the requirements of transporting such goods.

An example of a customized product which we have supplied to a key player in the market, is solid wooden boxes of various sizes. The specialty of these boxes in many cases is their size, some of which are reaching as high as 5 meters in length. Moreover, we are ready to continue expanding our customized portfolio and reach the desired customer requirements with every product we commit to. With us, you have a guaranteed, hands-on partner for a stable and effortless delivery of intact goods.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific inquiry, we are here to help!

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