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PalletBiz Gitterboxes
The best-known material handling box in the industry


Gitterboxes are one of the most well-known material handling units in the industry. The metal boxes weigh around 70 kg and their capacity is around 0,8 m3. One box can be loaded up to 1500 kg, and while stacking more boxes, a maximum capacity of 6000 kg can also be reached.

As mentioned above, Gitterboxes can be stacked, even up to seven pieces – in this case remember not to load more than 800 kg/box. There are two claps attached on the front of the Gitterbox, which can open/close the box. They also make it easier to load the goods into the storing unit.

As a standard, each Gitterbox has to be marked with the year of production and the name of the manufacturer. According to the UIC 435-3 standard, the quality of the Gitterbox is an important factor – our industry distinguishes critical, major and minor errors in this area.


1240 x 835 x 970 mm
DIN 15/155, EPAL, UIC Norm 435-3
50 x 50 x 3,8-4,0 mm
Load capacity up to 1.500 kg’s. RAL 7030 grey. 4 x stackable
96 – 108 pcs. / Standard truck