The Standard Euro Pallet
Euro Pallets from PalletBiz are produced to the highest standard. That goes for all of them!
Euro Pallets - Premium Quality
Euro Pallets from PalletBiz are produced to the highest standard. That goes for all of them!
Interested in selling your used pallets?
PalletBiz has an extensive network for collecting and repairing used pallets

Euro Pallets

PalletBiz has invested in both EPAL & UIC license and can offer Euro Pallets from both of these leading standards available in the market. Both EPAL & UIC pallets are heat treated in accordance with the IPPC ISPM-15 Standard. This is why handling your products with PalletBiz EUR Pallets is not only an investment in high quality packaging materials, but also an investment in the safety of your products and goods. In addition to the above the following services are available for EUR pallets:
  • Official EPAL repair license
  • Buying and Selling of Used Pallets
  • Life-cycling and pooling of pallets to reduce TCO
  • Licensed repair
    • Beware: repairing your pallets with an unlicensed repairer is illegal and violating intellectual property rights.
    • Therefore, always ask for a copy of the repair license from the company you are buying from or selling to – to avoid legal infringements.

Used Pallets

  • Is your company interested in green packaging and environmentally-friendly business solutions?
  • Do you keep storing unnecessary wooden packaging materials that take up too much space in your warehouse?
  • Are you worried that you cannot re-distribute your used packaging units due to their condition?
Read more about our services provided for Used Pallets here.

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1200 x 800 x 144 mm

UIC, EPAL, IPPC ISPM-15, Kiln dried
Soft and hard woods (e.g. pine, spruce, poplar)
PalletBiz has more than 15 years of licensed Euro Pallet repair and life-cycle service experience.