Wire Mesh Boxes
A great packaging alternative - flexible, strong and price friendly.
Wire Mesh Boxes
Wire Mesh Boxes are easy to fix to any type of 1200 x 800 mm sized pallet

Wire Mesh Boxes

Wire Mesh Boxes (or crates) can be used in all industries. They also have a long list of advantages which can surely add value to your organization as well.

Foldable and stackable boxes in lightweight galvanized steel are ideal for the transportation of bulk products over short or longer distance. They keep your products safe during transportation as well due to their material consistency and structure.

Save space, time and money:

  1. Helps to reduce space in warehouse and during transport
  2. Fully stackable when folded or assembled
  3. Better vehicle utilization
  4. Reduces the need for having to wrap the goods for transport & handling
  5. Reduces damage to the transported goods
  6. Fast to assemble or fold
  7. Both for external and internal use

A safe and ergonomic product:

  1. Easy to handle: one person to assemble/dis-assemble
  2. Ergonomic: Easy access to the products
  3. Easy to view products – even when products are packed and stacked
  4. No detachable or lose parts

High compliance:

  1. With automated systems
  2. With existing Material Handling Equipment

Low maintenance costs:

  1. Strong construction: rare need to repair
  2. Maintenance-friendly –easy to replace damaged parts


  1. Half drop down gate
  2. Detachable long side
  3. Opening from long and/or short side


1200 x 800 x 800 mm


900 kg and 1500 kg


3x stackable


All RAL colours or zinc surfaced
To 200 pcs.