Extra-large Wooden Box – perfect solution for your heavy cargo

PalletBiz is well-known by specializing and offering different types of packaging materials and services across all of the globe. Adapting to the markets and customer’s specific needs was always the core strength that made us stand out from the crowd. Following this concept, PalletBiz KSA once more proved its excellent reputation with the latest project – manufacturing of the extra-large wooden boxes.


What makes these wooden boxes special?

The idea to manufacture extra-large wooden boxes emerged while providing specific packaging solutions to clients from the oil and gas industry. Not so many producers can cater to the transportation and storage of heavy-weight, large-sized, and sometimes irregular-shaped payloads. For this purpose, PalletBiz KSA has had to upgrade a lot of components of a standard wooden shipping box to improve its strength, flexibility, and performance. Here are the key features that set these extra-large wooden boxes apart from the rest: 

Extra size and capacity

This heavy box is 5600 mm in length, 2300 mm in width, and 4000 mm in height. It can easily bear a weight of up to 16 tons! However, it is not a limit, but only one of the customized solutions. With boxes starting from half a meter up to 10 meters long PalletBiz can satisfy even the most specific customers’ needs.

Increased strengths

The double block (4×4) heavy base, nails, and bolts were added, which makes this box much stronger than standard ones. Besides, it is made of pinewood, which is characterized by its reliability and durability.

Optimal flexibility

Some items are too large and require a special approach to move them without causing any damage. This wooden container is both large and capacious yet flexible and easy to use. The walls are around 4200mm long, but the side wall is divided into three parts, making it easy to assemble. Apart from the walls, the crane and forklift access tools ensure the safe and smooth transfer of the cargo.

These extra-large wooden boxes are perfect for transporting machine tools, production equipment, pipes, and other oversized and irregular-shaped products.

Choose the Extra-large Wooden Box for a dependable, durable, and flexible solution for all your heavy cargo needs!

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