New or used packaging
PalletBiz provides customized solutions for the vast industry - may your needs focus on pallets, wooden or metal packaging, we have got you covered!
PalletBiz uses wood from responsible sources
PalletBiz engages to take a leading stand in the industry to protect the environment by maintaining forest biodiversity, productivity, as well as ecological processes.
Making a difference
Our success is a direct result of the efforts by our hard working people, and we are a proud active contributor in the local communities.
A unique business concept
An international network of wood and metal packaging production units and distribution depots for packaging and handling materials.
Extraordinary measures in extraordinary times
In these times of turmoil, it is important to stand together and to keep the industry wheels turning.
Become a part of the PalletBiz network
Get access to the know-how and network of a successful industry leader.
An award-winning strategic approach to corporate sustainability
PalletBiz was awarded a prize for an outstanding study depicting our sustainability agenda and solutions at the IFUA Green Controlling Award
PalletBiz is a network of wood and metal packaging production units and distribution depots for packaging and handling materials. In addition to the produced wooden and metal products, PalletBiz also offers a range of services for our clients, including Pallet Repairing and Pooling of pallets to mention a few. The broad coverage of the network and the central point of purchase makes the PalletBiz network unique to its competition.


The concept underlining the PalletBiz Business System is the establishment of an international network.

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Our ambition is to protect the environment and ensure sustainable operations and growth.

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We believe in a very simple set of core values that guide our approach to doing business across countries.

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Our value proposition

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PalletBiz is well-known by specializing and offering different types of packaging materials and services across all of the globe. Adapting to the markets and customer’s specific needs was always the core strength that made us stand out from the crowd. Following this concept, PalletBiz KSA once more proved its excellent reputation with the latest project – manufacturing of…