Types of Chemical Pallets: A Comprehensive Guide by PalletBiz Saudi Arabia

CP or Chemical Pallets, originally designed in Europe for the chemical and plastics industries, have gained global popularity, especially in the Middle East, where their nature is making them more relevant than ever for shippers’ requests. PalletBiz Saudi Arabia, a leading wooden & metal packaging manufacturer, is proud to offer these specialized pallets throughout the region, thanks to the franchising network system.

At PalletBiz Saudi Arabia we take pride in providing high-quality CP pallets that are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

With millions of CP pallets produced annually, it’s essential to understand the nine different CP pallet specifications, from CP1 to CP9, and how they can benefit your business. Let’s dive into this short guide on the types of CP pallets offered by PalletBiz Saudi Arabia, each uniquely suited for different industries and applications:


Designed for the transport of chemical products and liquid substances within the chemical industry, these pallets can withstand heavy loads and provide stability during transportation.


Robust and durable, CP2 pallets are commonly used for the transport of chemical products, liquids, and drums. These pallets are designed with 3 skids and 7 boards, ensuring the safety of your valuable cargo.


Having a solid structure and a common size of 1140 X 1140 mm, CP3 pallets are capable of withstanding heavy loads. They are commonly standardized to meet international specifications, making them an ideal choice for various chemical containers.


Engineered to resist chemical exposure, moisture, and corrosion, CP4 pallets ensure the safe transportation and storage of bagged goods.


Suitable for transport in containers, CP5 pallets are designed with unique markings and color-coding systems to prevent cross-contamination and ensure proper handling.


With a maximum dynamic load of 1500kg, CP6 pallets are stable and suitable for transporting bagged goods and boxes. Their construction, including an overhang on the left and right, ensures secure transportation.


Equipped with an all-around bottom deck and short-term top deck, CP7 pallets offer stability and versatility. The standard size of 1300 x 1100 mm makes them to be a reliable choice for various industries.


Ideal for transporting big bags with bottom discharge, CP8 pallets feature an opening in the middle and an all-around perimeter base. The pallet has +/- 10 top boards, 12 blocks, and 4 intermediate boards, which provide the necessary strength for heavy loads.


Often used for overseas transport of chemical substances, CP9 pallets are perfect for storage and transportation of big bags and drums. Their cross-deck design ensures stability and durability.

The CP1 to CP5 pallets, each with a robust load capacity of up to 1000kg, are designed to handle the rigorous demands of the chemical industry. When your cargo demands even greater strength, CP6 to CP9 pallets, designed with a load capacity of 1500kg, are the perfect choice in transporting heavy bagged goods, big bags, and drums, ensuring stability, reliability, and durability.

At PalletBiz Saudi Arabia, we understand the importance of clear communication and meeting customer requirements. If you’re looking to source CP pallets, our knowledgeable managers are here to guide you through the selection process. Contact PalletBiz Saudi Arabia today to discover the versatility and reliability of our Chemical Pallets.

Remember, choosing the right pallets is crucial for the safe and efficient transportation of your goods. Trust PalletBiz Saudi Arabia to provide you with high-quality CP pallets that meet your specific needs.

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